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    Among the greatest of all services

that can possibly be rendered by

man to Almighty God is the

education and training of



- Baha'u'llah


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In-campus Program

A mixture of national and international high effic- iency theoretical, practical & artistic educational materials having coherence of spiritual and material acquaintance empowers its graduates with necessary skills and capabilities to become Promoters of Community Well Being and skillful teachers for primary/ pre-primary schools.​

School Program

The Training Program integrates practice comp- onents where the trainees put their learning into practice in a network of schools in and around Panchgani. This program provides spaces to NETTC students in developing their skills, capacities, attitude and spiritual qualities. Parallel to this the participants undergo a systematic process of moral as well as intellectual empowerment.​

Rural Program

It is yet another space for NETTC students to develop their moral and intellectual capacities simultaneously contributing towards the betterment of society.

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