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The training program is fully residential. Routine life in NETTC is diligent and joyful. The campus comprises of students from varied religious, cultural and language background living in an atmosphere of love, mutual respect and cooperation. The beautiful verdant campus comprising of gardens, fields and orchards conduces attraction to beauty. Love, unity and cooperation know no barriers of religion, caste, creed, nationality and language. The inmates live as members of a family. Major part of the campus life constitutes academic classes. Other activities such as devotional programs, service activities, games, etc. are the other joyful components of NETTC campus life.


As soon as students join NETTC they are grouped in 25-30 to form classes. They are systematically assorted by state, religion, gender, skills and talents for classes. For their boarding in hostel dormitories the similar system of distribution is maintained. This encourages them to break any cultural or other barriers and to experience and practice the Oneness of Mankind from the very beginning. One of the goals is to bring about greater understanding, love and co-operation among themselves and create a peaceful and loving environment. Capability is gradually acquired through learning, application and reflection.


NETTC’s training program is completely residential. The hostel life is disciplined yet joyful and lively.  The hostel sites are abundantly green, airy and well lighted. The boys and girls live in separate hostels far apart from each other within the institute’s vast campus. Each hostel consists of 8 spacious dormitories with all sanitary facilities accommodating 18 to 21 students in each of them.   The toilet and bathroom blocks are regularly cleaned and disinfected by the cleaning staffs while the students are too educated to maintain cleanliness of their respective living spaces. Service activities offered by the students on weekends add to the upkeep of the clean condition of the hostels. Solar systems and geysers constantly supply warm water all the year round. Each dormitory consists of students of varied region, culture, language and religion yet unity in diversity prevails in all the dormitories. Love and cooperation is the key to the homely atmosphere of the hostels. Dorm parents and the administration regularly look into the day today issues of the hostels.  The hostels of the students with their mother tongues different from one another encourage yet another avenue for their English conversational efficiency.  In all there are facilities for over 250 boarders.

Dining & Kitchen

A well equipped kitchen and a spaciously furnished dining hall extends good time for daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea to the students. There are separate spaces for dining for the boys and girls in the dining hall. The dining hall is well lighted and airy with a washing area for both boys and girls attached to it in the same complex. The dining hall the kitchen and the washing sink is cleaned everyday to ensure optimum hygiene. The kitchen staffs are skilled in preparing varied regional dishes. There is a full-size stage and music room at one end of the dining which enables the dining space often to serve as an auditorium.


The library is enriched with a large collection of books in different areas of education befitting to the needs of the students and staffs besides books pertaining to different religions, education of children, science and technology and language. A large variety of book containing short stories in simple English are made available for enhancing the language skills of the students.


The sitting arrangements in the classrooms are unlike the schools and colleges. Each class consists of 25 – 30 students who sit in a circular fashion. Classes are conducted mostly in tutorial settings with the application of the cooperative learning structure. Often study and discussion take place in pairs, small groups and large groups to facilitate deeper understanding on the concepts of different subjects. The trainees use flap chairs instead of benches and tables. Combined classes are conducted in halls or open air classrooms (large roofs with no walls). NETTC has 2 such open-air classrooms and 12 classrooms and an assembly hall for its trainees.

Games & Sports

The students of NETTC use the vast play ground of the New Era High School very adjacent to its campus. As outdoor games the students mostly play football, volleyball, cricket and badminton on Sundays. They often play cooperative games as a part of their training. Owing to limited time as well as their heavy course curriculum they avail almost no opportunity for sports.

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